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Peter Licourinos

Property Investor, PMA Mentor and Co-Founder

Peter has worked in property for over 20 years, in most aspects of the property industry including running and estate agency and Investment Club, residential Sales & Lettings, Finance & Investment. Working through many markets, different financial and economic climates, investing himself and successfully helping like-mined investors build their wealth through property whatever the time, making it work. Sourcing 100’s of properties along the way for serious property investors he has worked with. Peter now focuses his attentions on three main businesses which emulate his passions which are clearly education, action, people and property.

As an Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor and All-round property expert Peter combines all of his knowledge, experience, passion and drive to provide new and existing Investors everything they need to successfully invest in property. From Education, training, sourcing, management and complete port-folio building, you can get everything you need to be financially free in property if you are lucky enough to work with Peter.

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